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DVR 5 in 1 VS NVR มีคุณสมบัติแตกต่างกันอย่างไร?

March 6, 2017

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Reasons you Should have CCTV

February 23, 2017

You've probably seen plenty of CCTV cameras when you are out. Public places such as shops and shopping malls have them clearly visible and there's a good chance that there are cameras where you work as well. For those that can afford to, and have something they wish to protect, then CCTV would be a good idea. After all, a lot of successful business es and private individuals spend good money on CCTV and they likely do so for very good reason. This leads to the question: Exactly what benefits are there to having CCTV installed in your home or office? 

 The first thing that many people think of when asked about the benefits of CCTV is that the cameras will let us know what took place should something bad happen. If something is stolen, the thief can be caught. If somebody is attacked, the assailant can be identified, and so on. This is not the only benefit of having CCTV installed, however, and it's the even the greatest benefit CCTV has to offer.

CCTV is an Excellent Deterrent 


Of course it's a good thing that you can get your money back if it's stolen, or that the person that attacked you is prosecuted, but wouldn't it be better if these things didn't happen in the first place? The main benefit of having CCTV installed is that anybody who might potentially steal from you or cause harm is unlikely to do so if they think they are likely to get caught. If they see a CCTV camera then the chances are that they will decide against doing anything wrong, meaning you and your belongings remain safe. 

When you notice a CCTV camera, you are likely to find that it is in a very conspicuous place where it will easily be seen.  This is usually deliberately done to let people know that they will be caught on camera should they do something that they shouldn't, and it works. In addition to clearly visible cameras, you will often also see signs letting you know that CCTV cameras are in operation. Such is the effectiveness of the deterrent that some people choose to install fake cameras to scare off potential criminals, although a fake camera would be all but useless should a crime actually take place. 


Feeling Secure


For many people, just knowing that CCTV cameras are in operation is enough to make them feel safer and more comfortable. This could mean having staff that are willing to work later shifts if necessary, or having friends and family that are more willing to visit. The added feeling of protection that CCTV had to offer really can help to make people feel a lot more comfortable in their surroundings.

Asides from the added comfort, you may never get to know the benefits of having CCTV installed should you do so. Don't get it installed though and it may be a decision that you will regret. If the cost is something that is a concern to you, then have a look at our promotions to see if we have something that is affordable to you. 





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